What is a modular ?

A volumetric element where the floor, walls and ceiling/roof is assembled already in the factory as one unit. Compared to element buildings, internal finishing i.e special works are conducted.

What can be done in the factory?

  • Special works in modulars:
    • Electricity
    • Sewage and water supply
    • Heating
    • Ventilation
    •  Sprinkling system
  • Internal finishing works:
    • Tiling in the wet rooms (floors and walls)
    • Paint/wallpaper/special wall panels (ceilings and walls)
    • Installation of parquet or PVC-flooring
  • Installation of
    • Sanitary equipment (faucets, toilet seats, bathtubs, sinks, shower
      cabins, shower systems)
    • Lighting
    • Kitchen and bathroom furniture
    • Kitchen extract hood

What kind of a house is suitable to be built as a modular house?

  • Up to 4 floors regular timber frame wood can be used
  • Projects with the floor area more than 1 500 m will be shipped by boat to the nearest destination port
  • Due to the transportation requirements, the maximum dimensions of one
    single module can be

    • Width up to 4,2 m
    • Length up to 12 m
    • Maximum height 3 m
  • Some architectural restrictions
    • Successive load bearing lines
    • Double walls between modules
    • Successive shafts

How are modulars mounted?

  • Floor by floor with a crane straight from the truck.
  • 30 to 60 minutes per modular depending of the modular´s nature (external and internal connections)
  • After mounting the modulars, the elements for balconies, gangways etc. are installed
  • To complete a modular building of 1000 m2 floor area on the building site, takes up to 6 weeks depending of the complexity of the whole building.

What we expect from the customer?

  • Architectural solution
    Including floor plans, cross-sections, façade views from all four sides of the building.
  • Principal plans of special works:
  • Electricity
  • Ventilation
  • Sewage and water supply
  • Heating
  • Sprinkling system
  • Being the main contractor and technical designer of the building

Our responsibilities on site

  • Mounting works of the modulars (external and internal connections)
  • Mounting works of the balconies, gangways, terraces etc

Customer’s responsibility

  • Connecting the building to the main supply of water, sewage and electricity.
  • Being the main contractor and technical designer of the building
  • Foundation and other concrete parts
  • External communications
  • The administration of the building site: waste containers, site office,
    accommodation for the mounting team, cranes, scaffolding, electricity and water supply