About Us

Matek is a producer of custom made prefabricated timber frame houses. We offer timber frame construction solutions to projects that typically use concrete and stone constructions. We are giving timber new value by finding innovative ways to use it to build apartment building and modular houses.

Our main products are:

  • Prefabricated plane and volumetric element timber frames
  • Multifloor residential buildings
  • Rowhouses
  • Kindergartens and other public buildings
  • Area developments

Matek exports 95% of its productions to foreign countries. Our main markets are Scandinavian countries, but you can also find Matek houses in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other countries.




To be the most reliable house pruducer and provider of innovative construction solutions with the best service standards for our clients.


To satisfy the needs of the client with ecologically clean products which enrich the living and work envoirenment and allow you convenience and savings.
To maintain the good image of the company and increase its goodwill through ensuring the satisfaction of clients and offering stability, well-rewarded work and development opportunites for our employees.


We are precise
Being professionals and knowing our products, we can provide the best solutions to our clients. Doing things the correct way, we fulfill the expectations of our partners.

We find solutions
At every step of the way different problems might come up. In Matek we know that instead of just acknowledging the problem, it has to be solved. For us it is a matter of honour to find solutions to our clients’ problems.

Together we are strong
We believe that working together and embracing each others’ strengths and differences in character, supporting one and other and committing to our functions will get us further.

Honesty first
We promise as much or a little less than we are capable of delivering.

We think about tomorrow
We develop our services, products and organization and come up with new smart and constructive solutions.

Cooperation with AS MATEK has involved different projects from double houses to apartment buildings. Our long term partnership has been very smooth and with minimum reclamations. The quality of all products is very high. AS MATEK has been highly professional both in technical drawing and construction. Their buildings are sustainable and defects have always been repaired.

Per-Øivind Wold
Villa Utvikling A.S


I have been working with AS MATEK since 2002. We have completed together many projects, such as carports, cabins, family houses, small and larger apartment houses, simple and complex terrace buildings. For example Sjøutsikten Terrasse has become a landmark in Hurum, Norway. This is a complex terrace building with apartments on four levels and a large roof terrace. These buildings have high quality and reflect the high technical competence of AS MATEK. Flexibility and innovativeness make AS MATEK an easy partner to work with.

Roar Fuglerud,
RF Prosjekt AS