Slottet A4

2 houses on 4 floors altogether 18 apartments.

Slottet A3

Apartment building out of wooden elements, built in different stages over time

Total area 1385  m²

Number of floors 4 + garage


Out of elements two storied row houses, 12 apartments all together

Location: Kunskapshaugen 42, 3430 Spikkestad, Norway

Mounting – start January 2018 handover February 2018

Total area 1726 m²

Ris Skolevei 17

Two row houses with total eight apartments, built in Oslo Norway

Mounting- start October 2013 handover- February 2014

Total area 923 m²

Ris Skolevei 19

Two  row houses with total nine apartments, built in Oslo, Norway

Mounting- start May 2016 handover- September 2016

Total area 1004 m²






Ten apartment building of plain element in Saetre, Norway

Mounting – start December 2011 handover March 2012

One 4-storied building

10 apartments, total area  1120 m²

Factory house of the year 2012 in Estonia


Slottet A1

A very demanding project in Norway in terms of location and scope completed in three sections, last part completed in 2016

124 apartments
5-7- storied buildings