Apartment building made of wooden elements, Tartu

Total area 378 m²

Number of floors 2

6 apartments

Kimstad kyrkby

31 single family houses ( 7 of one floor and 24 of two floor) and one garage

Location:  Kimstadsvägen 66, 610 20 Kimstad, Norrköping municipality, Östergötland, Sweden

Mounting- start September 2016,  last house on site January 2019

Total area 5075 m²



56 living units in a form of row houses (in Swedish radhus and kedjehus) with 56 external sheds

Built in Tullinge, Botkyrka municipality, Sweden

Total area of living units 7 710 m² + 168 m² external sheds

This area development was built in 3 (three) different stages during June 2013 until June 2015